Woman Busted at Kalahari Resorts for Hot Tub Sex

viagra prices by pharmacy online For those not familiar, Sandusky, Ohio, near the Lake, is home to the not incredibly famous Kalahari Resorts hotel and indoor waterpark. The amusement fare attracts largely family crowds with children; but the unusually African-themed resort has some 21 and over features for the grown ups.

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http://green-arrow.com/?x=acheter-viagra-pharmacie-sans-ordonnance-presidentielle Take for instance, the outdoor hot tub. Err, the indoor, outdoor hot tub, as you need to shimmy into the indoor portion to obtain cocktails. There’s a wooden African safari themed fence around the tub to let you know it’s for adults enjoying bawdy conversation, cocktails, and, this week, a couple having sex.

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Taylor Coats and Her Boyfriend Were Spotted by a Lifeguard

online pharmacy india viagra drugs This was only around 8pm in the evening when a lifeguard confronted Taylor Coats, 22, and her assumed boyfriend, at least for that moment, Kamden Mack, 25, in the hot tub. According to the lifeguard’s report, the pair were humping in Kalahari hot springs. Somebody forgot to read the rules.

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One of the steamy hot tubs at the Kalahari Resorts: check the pH balance please.

http://sgt.ro/?x=maalox-drug-ingredients-viagra This bone-and-boil incident in all likelihood could’ve ended peacefully, but apparently the male subject became irate at the lifeguard when asked to desist. Perhaps this is the one part of the story to which you can emotionally relate. Especially if Coats wasn’t his regular girlfriend, but somebody he’d just met on early evening safari hunting.

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http://allaboutcambo.com/?x=viagra-mail-order-uk That’s when the lifeguard at the resort called the cops.

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No Shtupping in the Kalahari Hot Tub

opening hours tesco pharmacy viagra Sandusky PD arrived to deal with the angry boyfriend. These cops wanted none of this. They handed Coats and Mack (sounds like an ABC TV cop show) back to resort security. And as the cops were leaving, Mack ran away. So the cops ran after him as cops tend to do.

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If you’re looking for a cliche African-safari themed resort and waterpark on the shore in Ohio, Kalahari Resorts is your place.

source Mack was tackled down and put in the back of the squad car, wherein he lurched from the car and tries to escape again. Another tackle. Presume he’s in his bathing suit at this point. Not to mention the coitus interruptus issue.


best price female viagra uk Taylor Coats got the wise idea to make a break herself. Though she fled back to her hotel room, which made it remarkably easy to find her.

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We believe the photo on the left to be a Facebook selfie of Taylor Coasts from freshman year of high school. Kids, stay away from drugs and alcohol.

http://bellaitaliaraleigh.com/?x=pristiq-drug-contraindications-with-viagra Coats was charged with misdemeanor persistent disorderly conduct. Maybe that means she was enjoying herself. Also, criminal trespassing, an odd charge for a hotel guest using the hotel hot tub. Mack was handed the same charges, but also a felony escaping charge for making Sandusky cops chase him twice, and tackle him twice. Some people never learn.

Hot Tub Sex Isn’t For the Faint of Heart

ordering generic viagra online illegal drugs This Canadian couple, albeit an 18-year old guy and 42-year old woman, became YouTube famous when caught on surveillance cameras acting robbery-sketchy in somebody’s backyard, before taking to their hot tub to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

http://wphls.org/?x=buy-cheap-viagra-internet They were both identified later on and prosecuted for their crimes. Though it’s Canada, so the punishment had something to do with a waffle-eating contest.

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