Julie Schenecker Doesn't Regret Killing Her Kids

Julie Schenecker is a name sure to be remembered for just how evil some women — and more particularly, some mothers — can be. In 2011, she shot her two teenage children dead for being too “mouthy.” While anyone who spends at least a couple years in adulthood will attest, yes, teens do make you want to harm them sometimes. But you don’t actually do it. Unless you’re Julie, of course.

Ms. Schenecker offing her two kids is bad enough, but four years later, in a 2015 article for the Daily Mail, the crime was revisited and Julie updated the press on how she felt once she had some time to think about it. Responding to a question on regrets, she said there were none.

“I saved them,” was her response. She also claimed that her “whole life has been a mess.” That she had been raped as a virgin. And that she “couldn’t let it happen” to her 16-year-old daughter Calyx. As for her son Beau, 13, she had a simple description for what he was — target practice.

Her words: “I offed Beau on the way to practice. I accidentally shot the window then shot him. One in the side of the head and one in his mouth because he became so mouthy just like Calyx.” She then walked to Calyx’s room and killed the teen as she was doing her homework.

Now, you may be thinking, any decent defense lawyer would try the insanity defense on this woman; and you’d be right. But it’s difficult to prove insanity when the prosecution has handwritten journals of you writing out stuff like this: “Shot the two mouthy mouths in the mouth after shooting them in the head.”

Schenecker, at the time, was a military linguist. She was also married. Both of those details are now in the past tense. The firing goes without saying, and her husband of 20 years, who was deployed to the Middle East at the time, filed for divorce a few months after the murders.

Schenecker is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. She claims that she wanted the death penalty, but the fact she played the insanity defense — gonna have to call BS on that one.

(Featured Image: Tampa Police)