Judge Tracie Hunter Dragged Out of Courtroom and into Jail

Do not go gentle into that good night. I think that’s supposed to mean, keep fighting righteously until your last dying breath. In fact, I’m certain that’s what it means. The general expression has been co-opted and broadened to include, refuse to accept responsibility when you’re caught being an a-hole.

Former Cincinnati juvenile court judge, Tracie Hunter, was found guilty a few years back of mishandling, as in intentionally losing, confidential material in a case involving her own brother’s misconduct at his County job. You could say that’s sisterly love, but in the case of a duly anointed judge messing with the law to help out a family member, it’s also a crime.

The original judge who found Hunter guilty sentenced her to a very fair six-months in jail. That judge became no longer and a new judge took over the lengthy process, fraught with Hunter and friends visiting every TV and media outlet possible to declare her not not being guilty, but being punished enough already.

Dignity comes in so many forms; just not this one

Defense attorneys use that “been through enough already” line a lot. In fact, Hunter’s attorney during this final sentencing hearing used it again about his client. Nevertheless, the new judge found no reason to commute the sentencing of the former judge and order the former Judge Tracie Hunter to serve her six months, now.

A brouhaha erupted in the courtroom among Hunter’s family and friends. Apparently, they don’t like to see guilty people punished, which is odd since that was Hunter’s very own job as a juvenile court judge for many years.

Tracie Hunter did a ton of press interviews, declaring her “not so so guilty” stance.

Unlike the teens she sentenced who probably took their bitter pill quietly, Hunter decided to go full Gandhi for the courtroom deputies, forcing them to find the one black chick amongst them to politically correctly drag an intentionally limp Tracie Hunter off to serve six months.

Justice for thee, not for me, comes to mind if we’re putting up trite quotes. A good time for us to recall that simply because people have esteemed titles and wear robes or garb of the educated and wise doesn’t make them any less likely to be as petty and bonkers as the rest of us.

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