Let me start by saying, I don’t support the premise of thought crimes. That would include special prosecutions where “hate” was involved in assaults, as opposed to all those loving assaults and murders. And would extend to making emotional abuse in relationships a crime. First, I’d hate to see every woman I ever dated arrested and jailed, if only because that won’t help me get my favorite shirts back. Second, it seems entirely subjective. Hate, abuse, anger, resentment, all crimes where no direct expression of intent need be evident, merely the perceived intent itself, seems fairly un-Constitutional. Though this case of Jordan Worth and the coercive behavior laws comes from England, so they have different and lesser levels of civil liberties protections.


discount accutane Jordan Worth, 22, is a shit-heel by all measures. An artist and former gymnast in her early 20’s who put on the face of kind, charitable soul to the world, while behind closed doors, ravaging the shit out of a live-in boyfriend who suffered from hydrocephalus. That basically means he gets water on the brain, which range from uncomfortable and painful, to disabling. So she clearly picked a guy less able to defend himself and she proceeded to make him her whipping boy at home. She was constantly humiliating and degrading the poor sot, making him sleep on the floor, telling when and what he could eat, how to dress, cutting him off from friends and family online and offline, and eventually, physically assaulting him about his injured head, and later, with scalding hot water, and knife cuts.

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get link Prosecutors in the U.K. used this case to prosecute Worth for their newly minted “coercive behavior” charges in domestic abuse cases. It’s weirdly worded emotional abuse statute that allows the State to arrest one half of a couple for basically making the other their hostage, while not actually kidnapping them in any way. It’s vague. And seemingly pointless. They obviously chose this Jordan Worth heinous horrible abusive girlfriend case because they could add on numerous physical assault charges.

male fertility drugs clomid The latter, everybody understands. Look at the cuts and bruises and burns about this young man’s body, inflicted by Worth. That’s torture, even if the attacker is 5’2″ and weighs one hundred pounds. But the charges stemming from not allowing him on Facebook, monitoring all of his messages, and not letting him sleep in bed seems like what half of CEO’s pay professional mistresses to do to them for quite a bit of cash. Slavery by emotional Svengali seems rather gray area. Unless it comes to include men who can’t give up bad women because the sex is amazing. Or vice versa for the ladies. But then our courts would be flooded forever.

follow site Jordan Worth was convicted and is awaiting sentencing which could include multiple years in the Tower of London. Also, a forever restraining order against her ever going near her former boyfriend. In happier news, Worth currently has a new boyfriend. Run, kid, run!