Joni Lynn Shockley Arrested

Ah, the world of commerce to a meth head. While you and I go into a store and pay for something we want with money, they apparently have different forms of currency, not all of which — very little actually — are legal.

Take the case of Joni Lynn Shockley, a 28-year-old woman from Columbus, Ohio, who agreed to oral sex in exchange for two lines of meth.

Somewhere along the way, Shockley threw in an unwanted bonus to the whole deal and slugged the guy, 53-year-old Jimmie Howard Kozlowski, in the eye with a screwdriver causing “minor injuries,” according to the Ledger-Enquirer. Now a 53-year-old dude still making these types of decisions probably deserved it, but, y’know, laws and everything.

Even though it looks from the mugshot like Shockley not only went through with the act but was in the process of finishing it, she claims she is innocent of the charges of prostitution, criminal charges, and battery. Kozlowski, likewise, entered a not guilty plea for the charge of “pandering.” However, no one is really denying what happened, so good luck with that, Mr. Public Defender.

The news site notes that it is “unclear” why the police entered a trespassing charge against Shockley, so she may be able to shirk that one, but the rest are going to be an uphill battle. Judge Michael Cielinski ordered the defendants be held in the Muscogee County Jail on bonds totaling $2,000 for Shockley and $1,000 for Kozlowski.

Shockley does not seem to be the type of woman with that kind of money, but you never know. As she has already established, something can always be worked out. Fill in that blank as you see fit, friends.

(Featured Image: Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department)