Another Day, Another Female School Teacher Arrested for Sex Crimes

man viagra A North Carolina high school teacher becomes the (fill in the high number) female teacher this year alone to be arrested for corrupting a minor with her lady parts. Allegedly.

what if i took viagra Jillian Reynolds, 41, a high school teacher in Pinehurst, North Carolina, through her attorney, is vehemently denying she had sexual relations with a teen boy at her school, as charged and arrested. I did not have sex with that teen boy. It’s funny if you say the former with a Clinton accent.

impotent because nervous viagra Reynolds was arrested and charged with one count of a felony sex act with the teen boy and one count of felony indecent liberties. I’m not a native Southerner so I’ve never quite understood the indecent liberties charges astride the sex act side, but presume it’s indecent and liberating?

Reynolds bonded out on $150,000 bail following her first hearing before a judge. At that time, her attorney claimed he had “bombshell” evidence to exonerate Reynolds from the sex charges.

That evidence appears to be a Facebook comment from the boy in questions claiming “nothing happened”. Unclear if this post is from before his teacher was arrested or after, which would provide some context. Also unclear if the Facebook commenter was really the boy in question, as none of this evidence has been presented officially or to be cross-examined in court.

In response, the Moore County Sheriff’s Department, who investigated and arrested Jillian Reynolds for sex with the teen, insist they crossed all the “t’s” and dotted all the “i’s” in their investigation and they got the right perp.

Based upon a review of Jillian Reynolds social media accounts, she’s an early 40’s, veteran teacher, highly involved with her students, as well as her husband and three younger kids. Though worth noting this is a fairly typical profile of the female teachers we’ve seen commit these illicit sexual relations in the past. All seemingly desirable women, with friends, family, children, and husbands often, but still sliding into the backseat with the kid from their fourth-period class.

We’ll update this North Carolina hoe-down as developments develop. Or we get nude photos. We can go either way.

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