Jessica Gaeckle Arrested for Having Sex With Her Student, Sort Of acquistare viagra contro impotenza. Avere la consegna Viagra Originale 100mg in tutto il mondo, sicura e protetta, l'assistenza amichevole dei clienti /> Pleasantville High School in Southern New Jersey may not be such a pleasant place, after their second sexually charged crime this school year. The first being when the school principal was arrested on child porn charges (that’s not great for the school rep), and now with teacher Jessica Gaeckle, 30, charged in relation to her sexual relationship with a student at the school. You’d think maybe when the principal gets busted for underaged porn that the rest of the administration and faculty would take a breather from anything resembling sex with the students. But not so.

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purchase levitra super active in canada Technically, Gaeckle isn’t being charged for the two times she’s admitted to having sexual intercourse with the 18-year old students because technically, and actually, that’s not a crime in New Jersey. The age of consent in New Jersey is 16, thus making malls more popular place to hang, and the age for kids to sleep with their teachers or other adults in a supervisory role is eighteen, which the student was. However, the State of New Jersey wanted to charge Gaeckle with something, so they came up with two kludgy administrative charges against her related to the education code. And when they found out she told the boy in question to delete the naughty texts she’d sent him, they added on a charge for hindering an investigation.

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viagra online canada The good news for the 30-year old Gaeckle is that she was not charged with any sex crime, and presumably these other charges have modest penalties and or will be pleaded down to no jail time and lots of community service. The bad part is she’s now widely known as a high school teacher who had sex with her student.


viagra 50mg While debates are raging online as to whether or not you should simply ignore the sex lives of teachers so long as the students are consenting adults, there’s no way to work around the stigma of shtupping your own student as a high school teacher. It simply sounds wrong and probably isn’t very good for the morale of the school environment. Also, honestly, it’s not that big of a request to teachers to wait until graduation to have sex with their students. You already get summers off.
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