Jessica Camilleri Beheads Her Mother in Tribute to Jeepers Creepers Movie

Australia has very strict gun laws. This leave crazy people with voices in their head telling them to carve people up with knives. And if you’ve seen Crocodile Dundee, you know Australians know their knives.

Jessica Camilleri, 25, seemed to be, at least recently, rather obsessed with all things horror movies and dark and disturbing arts. Her own mom on Facebook had a little back and forth with Jessica about her daughter’s short but glowing review of Jeepers Creepers. This would be the same mom she would behead not that many days later.

By all early accounts, Jessica Camilleri was what licensed psychiatrists refer to as a “nutjob”. No word on how far back that diagnosis goes. A Jeepers Creepers obsession seems to be the final note.

This past week, Jessica went to her mother Rita’s house, to confront her about something or another. Rita Camilleri, 57, was babysitting her 4-year old grandson, Jessica’s nephew. At some point in the verbal altercation, Jessica worked her way into an array of kitchen knives and carved her mother’s head from her neck. Presumably, the kid was watching. He suffered some kind of head bump in the incident.

Rita Camilleri, and her head, prior to removal from her body

Jessica took her mother’s bloody severed head and did what anybody would do in that situation, she walked the head over to the neighbor’s house to show her what she had done. Jessica placed the head on the ground outside the neighbor’s house, which is certainly worse than coming over to borrow more eggs again.

The neighbor claimed Jessica confessed to killing her mom and “needing help badly” as if those two things weren’t self-evident. The neighbor called every single cop in Australia who promptly arrested Jessica Camilleri and hauled her off for arrest and immediate medical assessment of her mental faculties.

Dance Mom’s starlet, Maddie Ziegler, performed
Lizzie Borden number for no possible good reason.

According to reports, the sleepy neighborhood is shocked by the gruesome beheading. I suppose that says something about the frequency of gruesome beheadings in the area. Not that many.

Camilleri will be spending the rest of her life in some kind of mental institution, or at least the requisite number of years before they talk about her being cured and release her back into the Sydney landscape, looking for more heads. Maybe check her status before booking the family vacay Down Under.

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