In Nicole Dufault’s defense, she suffered from a brain injury. Or so claims the defense attorney for the Columbia High School teacher from New Jersey still awaiting tons and tons of charges from her 2013-2014 school year romp with a half-dozen fourteen and fifteen year old boys from her school. In the interim, parents of the victims have filed civil suits against Dufault, 38, which presumably will lead back to claims against the school district, as it’s unlikely the divorced mother of two has the millions they’ll be seeking.

Four years ago now, Dufault was first busted for her sex crimes in the summer of 2014 when a student showed the principal a sex tape going around of Dufault and one of the boys. Somebody always rats. Though it’s worth noting Dufault herself was the one manufacturing recordings of the sexual encounters, including herself providing oral sex to boys in the back of her car while others looked on. This in addition to have sex with one of the boys repeatedly in her classroom. Dufault was said to have been talking sexually openly and aggressively flirting with numerous boys in this social circle of very young men, almost taunting them into the sexual acts. These boys for the record were all special ed kids.

Dufault’s attorney insists she suffers from “frontal lobe syndrome” brought on by her most recent pregnancy and postpartum, which sounds entirely made up, though she clearly seems a good bit crazy. It’s one thing to weirdly fall for a teen boy as a grown woman, another when you’re bragging about providing groups of them hummers then filming yourself acting like a paid party girl. It’s beyond reckless, so obviously some kind of mental illness is at play here.

The civil suits against the teachers themselves are the latest wave of after-the-fact maneuvers by parents of teen boys having sex with their female teachers. You’d expect these million dollar lawsuits to have about as much impact on stopping these women as the recent criminal and penal crackdown on their illicit behavior. Or, none for short. These lady teachers are on a mission to fill a gaping hole in their lives, as it were. Unstoppable phenomenon meets perfect social media storm.