prednisone 5 mg 40 sig qd You may recall the case of Jennifer Olajire-Aro, 27, the Burke High School in South Carolina tennis and math teacher who was arrested at the end of 2017 for multiple sexual intercourse rounds with a 17-year old boy in her algebra class. Those romps occurred in her car, at her home in front of her infant baby (you go, girl), and on school grounds. That latter factor we know means there will be a civil lawsuit to follow. And, voila.

watch The unnamed teen boy and his family are suing the ever living money crap out of the Charleston County School District. In their filing, the family insists that Olajire-Aro used her position of authority as teacher to coerce their son into sexual relations. This included multiple instances of threatening the student with poor grades in math class if he didn’t comply with her wanton demands. The civil suit mentions that the male student started cutting class merely to avoid seeing his sexually dominating teacher. A slightly odd mention since for many of us that would be the only reason to show up to math class.

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here Nevertheless, this is all a prelude to a big fat settlement from the school district. We cover the crimes and the arrests, and now a year or two later you’re seeing the inevitable civil suits that follow. The school districts can’t win these cases. The prime directive for their employees is not to shtup the kid customers. When that’s broke, there’s hell, and millions to pay. Obviously in the case of these many public school district, this means the taxpayers are footing the ever increasing pot of money saved to cover the increasing number of horny teachers recklessly climbing atop their teen student bodies in the backs of cars and their classrooms. Not so funny now, is it, John. Q. Taxpayer?

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