It’s either good news or bad news that schools and parents are paying attention to the growing phenomenon of female teachers grappling naked with their teen male student bodies. Awareness is never bad. Though overreacting is certain to occur. You can’t have a great see something, say something campaign without a follow-on lynch mob.

Jennifer Hambling taught art at Esotero High School in Florida for twelve years. That’s a long to fire up the kiln for teenagers who have but a passing interest in throwing pots and working in watercolor. The attractive blond teacher and mom also worked outside the school in a nearby yoga studio as a practitioner. A hands-on practitioner. I’m not making that part up. It says the very same on the website to alert yoga class patrons Hambling might be adjusting you into proper posing during class.

By accounts of multiple teachers and students at Esotero High School, Hambling was performing a therapeutic shoulder rub on one of the boys in her class when there were few eyeballs around. That may very well be a habit of Hamblings as is the case with many masseuses and chiropractors you may know who provide neck massages without much warning. Though teachers also witnessed the boy massaging Hambling back. Just on the shoulders, though this might be filed under the slightly more alarming category.

Hambling was apparently interviewed by the Sheriff Department back in February and no criminal charges were filed. Back rubs being highly suspicious, but not felonious as of yet. The school district subsequently launched its own internal investigation last month regarding the physical contact in the classroom. Hours before Hambling was scheduled to be called in for district questioning, she resigned her teaching position. This rendered her immediately no longer a school employee and no longer subject to district hearing. Aha! Wait, what?

There’s no doubt cutting and running looks suspicious. On the other hand, what are the odds that your average dolt who works in a school district office is going to find something unfound by investigators at a police department. More likely, they’d find Hambling in violation of some school code and fire her. Termination probably goes down on your permanent record in some stigma not shared by resignation. It’s not as if quitting relieves you of any legal responsibility. But as of today, there’s nothing along those lines.

Some will call it a sad day when attractive young teachers can no longer touch┬átheir students in class for fear of a full blown criminal investigation. I’m in that group of sadness. At fifteen a neck rub from an attractive art teacher goes a long way. Also, when you tell naturally touchy people they can’t touch, they get all wound up and preoccupied and became distracted at their real jobs. It’s a same that a small, though increasingly large, number of female teachers boinking the living hell out of their teen students in the backs of cars at parks have ruined it for everyone else. Except for those students in the backs of the cars. They might say otherwise.