Jenna Louise Driscoll Sentenced To Probation For Screwing Her Pitbull An Australian woman has been convicted of shagging her dog and sentenced to two and a half years probation. Meanwhile, animal activists are mad about the supposed leniency of her sentence.

can women use generic levitra Jenna Louise Driscoll, 27, apparently had sex with her pitbull in front of a male partner, and also sent him two separate videos of her having sex with the animal. It was this deranged guy’s idea, but as video evidence supported, it was an abomination that Jenna agreed to. Her lawyers argued that she had had a bad childhood causing her to run away from home at 16. The young runaway soon met her weirdo partner, who was 12 years older than her. That garbage fire of a relationship endured six terrible years, during which Jenna admitted she’d screwed the dog three times. Police discovered the videos while investigating drug case in 2014. At one point, Jenna struggled with getting the dog to mount her, telling her partner that the dog was hiding beneath the bed. Eww.

comprare viagra generico 50 mg spedizione veloce a Milano The judge in the case called the whole dog sex thing “against the order of nature,” and he’s not the only one who find it horrifying. Jenna’s lawyers said she’s had to leave school over the shame of the whole thing. It’s also completely overshadowed all the other things she was charged with, including drug trafficking (marijuana, to be precise), stabbing someone with a fork and biting a child…twice.

enter site Meanwhile, Chay Neal of Animal Liberation Queensland is arguing that the sentence should have also forbid the woman from owning any other animals.

dove acquistare levitra online “Any case to do with cruelty to animals, including bestiality … it should be considered whether the offender should be allowed to own animals at all or for a fair period of time,’ he said. Image: Flickr

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