Jean Wilhite Arrested

Jean Wilhite, a Florida woman, has been arrested again on charges of animal cruelty after the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office discovered an emaciated horse with a large laceration on its leg. The 50-year-old’s rap sheet includes drug charges — more on that in a bit — as well as another count of animal cruelty where dogs and rabbits were being kept in “unlivable” conditions without sufficient food or water.

Wilhite’s horse offense stemmed from “not having enough money” to pay for a veterinarian, according to News4Jax, begging the question of how she had the money to own the horse in the first place. After all, with dogs, it’s easy enough to pick up a stray, but you don’t normally see a shetland roaming the dumpsters looking for food.

Also clouding the poor-pitiful-me defense is the fact that Wilhite has, on past occasions, been arrested for dealing in synthetic drugs — a charge to which she pled guilty. Not long after that, her home was condemned by the city of Jacksonville through a specific process that deems a home unfit based on “rampant drug use or unlivable conditions,” the news site notes.

Despite that, one person has gone to bat for Wilhite — the person on whose land the horse was discovered, a Suzanne Pagonis, who said the horse’s cut “was nothing” and that it “had penicillin and everything.” Pagonis also said the incident had been “blown out of proportion” and Wilhite “shouldn’t have been arrested.”

Whether the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is witch-hunting Wilhite on this charge or not, one cannot help but be reminded of this key scene from Jim Carrey’s Liar, Liar. Basically, if one wishes to stay out of trouble…

Anyhoo, the neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief in the wake of Wilhite’s removal from her home, remarking that they didn’t feel safe sending their kids to play outside as “deals” were being conducted in the front yard, and by “deals,” we mean drugs. Hard to see the neighborhood throwing a going-away party for that.

Nevertheless, wherever there is an idiot who tortures/neglects animals and does other nefarious things to stay in front of the law, there will also be some idiot there to make excuses.

(Featured Image: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office)