Police in Chicago say Tatyanna Lewis, 18, was killed when another woman repeatedly smashed her between a tree and a Jeep. Lewis and the unidentified 24-year-old woman had apparently gotten into an argument on Facebook over a man, which then spilled over into real life. A witness said they saw the driver hit Lewis multiple times before fleeing the scene.

‘It was very heartbreaking to see that, and then just to see her laying on the ground helpless, you can’t really do nothing, but call the police,” the witness said.

Lewis was apparently the daughter of a Chicago police officer. The driver, whose identity has not been revealed, has been arrested, but charges are still pending. Police say she had a child in the car when she allegedly struck Lewis, and that they found the Jeep about a mile and a half away from the scene of the killing.

The Jeep (Image: CBS2)

Witnesses say that the two women had been fighting on social media prior to the attack. The man they were supposedly fighting over had fathered a child with the driver in the past, but was Lewis’ current boyfriend. Lewis herself posted a status update to her Facebook page that indicated she knew another woman was mad at her. It read, “His bm say she pulling up im on the block right nowwww please don’t send me off” (sic). If one is to assume that “bm” stands for “baby mama,” that puts things into perspective.

A deeper dive into the young woman’s Facebook reveals even more. Lewis posted several taunting messages in response to another woman identified as Molly. Molly’s page has since been deleted. These posts seem to be inference to a man who goes by Ty Ty Montana on Facebook, whose page is now full of sad statuses about how his “princess” is now gone. And if all of this is to be believed, Montana’s child will now grow up without a mother, too.

Hmm. (Image: Facebook)

Image: Facebook