Every day there is a new case of teacher student sex, but they all certainly do have their own twists. Take for instance Jasmine Edmonds, 24, a high school Algebra teacher in Memphis, Tennessee. Edmonds apparently exchanged numerous private texts with, and gave rides home to, a 16-year old boy at Trezevant High School, before ultimately plunging into a sexual relationship with the student during the 2017-2018 school year.

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buy generic levitra Her school seemed to know something was amiss, though nobody cared to dive to deep into the matter. She was admonished for the private texting with the kid and at the end of the school year, for one reason or another, she changed schools.

viagra tablets sales This current school year Edmonds began employment at the Power Center Academy High School in Memphis, where everybody is now claiming to be shocked as Edwards was arrested for charges stemming from that previous school year sexual relationship. As part of the investigation, police uncovered messages between Edmonds and the male student where the student was insisting Edmonds pay him $140 or he would tell all about their no-no relations. You’d have to expect that Edmonds neglected to pay. At least he was upfront.

source site Edmonds was charged with sexual battery by an authority figure. The charter school group who hired Edmonds this past year promptly issued a CYA statement:

where can i buy viagra “We were shocked and disappointed when Jasmine Edmond was arrested. She was a new teacher at Power Center Academy, and we performed a thorough background check last summer, which showed no indication of such behavior. 

– Gestalt Community Schools Problem solved.