Janai Mercedes Smothers Arrested for Sex With 14-Year Old Girl Two School Years Ago

follow url Janai Smothers had moved on from her teaching job at Nashville’s Maplewood High School to McLane High School in Fresno, California, a full school year ago, without the latter being aware that Smothers’ was being investigated at her previous school for alleged sexual contact with a fourteen year old female student. Her new school had checked her employment and criminal records prior to hiring, but since nothing had yet to be formally charged, there was no record and she passed the background check with flying colors. Or so the Fresno School District has pointed out repeatedly in covering their ass after police came to their school to arrest Smothers for her crimes back in Nashville.


viagra generico 25 mg prezzo a Verona According to the attorney for the parents of the fourteen year old girl who alleged a sexual relationship with Smothers during the 2015-2016 school year, the principal at Maplewood High School tried to sweep the accusations under the table and even suggested that there was more to the story than merely teacher preying on student. That perhaps the student initiated the sexual contact. Which may mean something in heaven above, but little to the criminal justice system investigating allegations of adults having sex with a minor.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=how-to-get-cialis The parents eventually filed a Title IX lawsuit against Maplewood when they felt their daughter’s accounts were being ignored. Title IX is more commonly though of in regard to equal access to sports on campus for men and women, or bye-bye ten men’s sports that don’t make money, we’re replacing you with ten women’s sports that don’t make money. But it also covers the newly escalated charges for schools to closely monitor sexual assaults against female students and report everything and anything immediately to multiple authorities.

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canadian pharmacy best price Smothers was arrested by Fresno police at her new school based on charges back in Nashville of sexual battery against a minor stemming from the Title IX investigation. Now of course her new school must interview all the girls to see if Ms. Smother got down and dirty with any of them during her recent tenure at their school.

miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 25 mg spedizione veloce a Genova ‘On behalf of our clients, we’re happy this arrest and indictment took place. It’s a long time coming but I’m glad it finally happened,’ the attorney for the teenager’s family, Stephen Crofford, said.

how to get generic cialis super active online This isn’t the first case we’ve seen where a teacher who was suspected of sex with a student ditched their current district and moved to take up teaching elsewhere. Even with all the digital databases available for screening, until something is formally adjudicated and noted in the system, that teacher could move around to multiple locations over the course of possibly months or years. Scary, yes.

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