online cheap viagra I often wonder what this whole rapidly escalating phenomenon of female teacher and male teen student sexcapades would look like if the women in question were older spinsters with warts on their faces and scoliosis spines in old lady dresses. Versus, you know, 20 and 30-something socially and sexually vibrant attractive fertile ladies hitting up social media and teen boy flesh like it’s an Arab bazaar. Probably less exciting to cover for sure. The photos wouldn’t get the same clicks. But would we care less? Yep, that too.


here Jamie Goforth, 37, a woman married for seven years now as evidenced by her and her husband’s charming wedding blog (take those down before you think to cheat on your spouse, especially in a criminal manner), taught chemistry and physics at Caldwell High School for the past several years. Texas seems to be a hot bed of these female teacher predator cases, in some measure perhaps due to being one of the rare parts of the nation with hot science teachers.

go to site The blonde buxom and all-around alluring teacher was said to have had an illicit sexual affair with a 15-year old male student from her school in October of 2017. At some point more recently, school officials became aware of the sexual contact between their teacher and minor, and after carefully reviewing a CYA plan with their attorneys, turned the evidence over to the local authorities in Caldwell, Texas, who promptly issued an arrest warrant for Jamie Goforth. Though by this time Goforth had left the County.

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atlanta accutane side effects Goforth turned herself into authorities this past week, facing charges of an improper relationship with a student though seemingly not statutory rape charges, which is odd given the boy is under the age of consent in the state, on top of being one lucky bastard. Did I say that out loud? Shoot.

click A 37-year old woman, attractive as she is, seems quite wrong in relation to a 15-year old male student of hers, except in the case of the President of France as this is quite exactly how he met his future wife and current First Lady. Though she had three kids his own age at the same time. However, what flies in France as romance doesn’t work the same in Texas. That’s probably for the best, even if this seems like a victimless crime to every man ever who was once a fifteen year old teenaged boy.

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