Jaimie Ayer Had Big Appetite For Her Daughter’s Teen Classmates

canada pharmacy propecia Nothing says icky quite like your mom hustling sex with the boys from your high school class. In the very least, it’s less glamorous if you’re name isn’t Kris Jenner and you don’t live in a mansion and you do the same.


enter Jaimie Ayer of Bradenton, Florida is accused of having sexual shenanigans with up to five teenaged boys at a party her high school aged daughter was hosting a couple days before this past Christmas. Most parents will come home to find their kid throwing a crazy party and turn on the lights and tell everybody it’s time to go home. Ayer allegedly told two of the boys she was going upstairs to take a shower and asked if they could help her soap her back. You know how Boy Scouts are trying to earn their merit badges. The boys obliged.

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go here As police began to investigate reports of that evening’s bacchanalia, more counts of felonious sex between Ayer and boys at the party arose, including what is now reported that Ayer’s daughter walked in on her in a threesome with two teen boys. That’s way beyond “I’m telling dad”. Also, dad’s likely not in the picture anymore. There’s mental scarring and then there’s downright psychological slaughter. Even when a teen girl believes she’s aware how dirty the world can be and possibly what a wreck her own mom is, that still has to hurt the ego something fierce.

Bradenton, Florida, where you should carefully consider invitations to party at the Ayer house.

source Local police eventually came to question Jaimie Ayer about the events on the evening of December 23rd only to find her at her home drunk in the middle of the afternoon. If you’re shocked that Ayer has a drinking problem, you should probably never play games of intellect when money is on the line. As stupid as booze makes you as a teen, it doesn’t get any better at forty. Nor is it kind to the aging process if you look at Ayer’s mugshot and consider she is reportedly only forty.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cialis-canada This is one of those situations where you’re almost sorry you started blaming parents of this generation for not being more involved in their children’s lives. No awards for you, Jaimie Ayer. Ayer is currently in jail awaiting arraignment on numerous counts of unlawful sexual activity. There is no specific penal code merely for being a god-awful parent.

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