‘Jailbirds’ Inmate from Netflix Show Arrested on the Outside for Heroin

buy mildronate online Australia You may have missed the newish “Jailbirds” show on Netflix because you know that real women’s prisons are far less sexy than the ones in the movies and TV and certainly porn. Also, Netflix has 79,457 new shows this month alone and it’s easy to miss a few.

jonathan adler viagra jar Rachel Medlin, a Grass Valley ne’er-do-well, made an appearance on the show that reveals the true inner workings of the Sacramento County, California women’s prisons. Hint: it’s hard for the ladies, almost none of whom were asked to the prom.

Rachel loves her selfies

Apparently, Medlin made her way out of the joint because there she was this past week in the parking lot of a closed-for-the-evening Grass Valley business exchanging something with a stranger in the dark. Suspicious enough to get the local Gladys Kravitz to call the cops, who arrived in time to give Medlin a quick search.

That search revealed heroin and drug paraphernalia. The latter being an oddly confusing term, but assume needles, maybe a spoon. Nobody takes heroin lightly. Or with a beer chaser.

Medlin was arrested by the cops for the narcotics, as well an outstanding warrant, and, naturally, she was violating her recent probation. That’s the downside. On the upside, if the cameras are still rolling in Sac County Women’s Prison, Medlin’s coming back with some brand new stories, maybe a fresh tat, and she’s ready for her star turn. Listen up, Netflix. This is called a gift.

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