Jacqueline Ades Loved Hitler and Stalking Some Poor Dude with 65,000 Texts

prezzo vardenafil generico online 2017 Everybody’s got an online dating horror story. A man in Paradise Valley, Arizona might have one of the worst. Some poor fella met¬†Jacqueline Ades, 31, through an online dating service for one evening out. No word on how that date went, but a second was not scheduled. Perhaps this was related to Ades referring to herself as the “new Hitler”. That’s a first date no-no. The cursory nature of the relationship did not prevent Ades from inventing a very meaningful relationship with the man, that over the course of the next year would find her stalking him at his home, office, and via text message.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=find-cheap-cialis-online The typical text messages, in barrage format, would be something about wanting to bathe in the man’s blood or murder him slowly, which wasn’t so bad as that time the man’s security camera caught Ades in his home actual home taking a bath. Ten thousand text messages maybe, but taking a bath is beyond the pale. Cops were sent to the home to remove Ades, found a butcher knife in her car, you know, like people have in their car, and gave her a notice for a court date she never made. That’s weird, because that plan sounded fool proof.


source Last week Ades paid the man at visit at his office, telling everybody she was his wife. This time cops nabbed her and held onto her. Imagine she’s undergoing extensive psychiatric evaluations at this time before some kind of charges are filed. Which mostly goes to show, you’re largely on your own in the you versus stalker battle. Until violence occurs or it gets to an extreme point, the police won’t do much. So, either consider never ever dating online again, or buy yourself an even bigger butcher knife than that crazy chick you met at the Olive Garden last Tuesday.

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