Jaclyn Hill Disappeared from Social Media After Lipstick Disaster

If you’re big into the superstars of how to put on make-up on YouTube, you probably know Jaclyn Hill. Err, it’s called the “beauty industry” because make-up sounds like something teen girls put on to look grown-up and beauty industry sounds like something grown women pay billions for with the purchasing sensibility of a teen girl.

Jaclyn Hill was a photography major at a college in Florida where such things exist, when she decided that she could combine her love of the camera — mostly pointed at herself — and cosmetics, and take her act to YouTube. She was 20 and school kind of sucked so, social media.

Give the woman credit. She did whatever you have to do to become popular in the YouTube cosmetics advice chick sector. She garnered a few deals from make-up companies looking for “influencers” of young women with credit cards. And, hit it big in 2017 when she made a video doing make-up with Kim Kardashian.

Doing anything with Kim Kardashian puts you into the big leagues, save for Ray J, who actually did a slide after his thing with Kim Kardashian. Is that irony?

Jaclyn Hill helped sell a lot of make-up to a lot of girls

Not but two years later Jaclyn Hill is offered the shot to put out her own signature cosmetics line to her dullard female consumers. It seems to be mostly lipsticks, which apparently is her specialty in the broader beauty industry segment. You’ve got to have a specialty.

Sadly, after all that hustle, Hill’s lipsticks hit the market to all of her cash-spending customers with a rather noticeable imperfection — hair and air bubbles baked into the product. I don’t know much about lipstick, never put any on save for one crazy night in the Dominican, but it’s hard to miss lipstick that visually looks like garbage.

Even Kim Kardashian wouldn’t put that phallus shaped item to her lips.

Hill’s people somehow convinced Hill to hit the world back with a fun fact that some of her cosmetics may contain some anomalies. You know, like a factory worker in Guangdong’s arm hair. A social media backlash ensued (oh how that beast giveth and taketh away) and Hill was forced to offer a full refund including shipping costs to all of her buyers. She even wrote a fake apology letter about how her reputation meant more to her than money. Which I will admit I never expected to hear said by a lipstick hustler.

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At that point, the now 28-year old who had lived her entire adult life on social media went dark on all personal accounts. Disappeared like a Pinochet critic (yeah, I wasn’t a photography major).

There’s no word on the financial fallout of this disaster. There’s not a suggestion that Hill played any role in the business disaster, save for having no business involvement past color palettes. But that’s industry standard. Cindy Crawford isn’t really traveling the world looking for plant enzymes to battle aging skin — sorry to burst your bubble.

Pretty hot for a photography major

Jaclyn Hill is already divorced from a tattooed unemployed drummer. You thought maybe that was punishment enough. But no, the big guy had other plans. Maybe go back to school and finish up that photography degree.

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