Once upon a time is how fairy tales start then bad things happen to somebody and its over. I think my fairy tale is still gong on and nothing that bad has happened yet. I admire people who don’t let bad things get in their way and people who know how to fish well because that looks so easy but its very very hard. Trust me. I had a best friend named Heather in high school who had a bad back and one of those braces and everybody made fun of her including me and she used to cry but then she decided one day not to let stupid people bother her. She was brave and I admire her and miss her a lot since her funeral. I think about her alot when I’m feeling down or people call me names.

When you get lemons  you need to make lemonade. I’ve got so many lemons I could make a gallon of lemonade! I’m happy being just who I am. If I lost the bad stuff I’d have to lose all the good stuff too. I hope people who read this also feel the same way if they have a hard life or have been in a motorcycle accident like Heather or they just get bored all the time. Don’t do drugs. Just dance.  Love Casey.