Frank wrote me and said casey every time you stop posting I think you got kidnapped or something worse. He used to say having a boyfriend from Mexico was worse so I dont read his emails anymore. Racist jerk. He knows I’d never date a mexican. I wasn’t kidnapped or killed I was just visiting a place I go to rest and relax for a while when the world goes crazy. It’s in Florida but that is all I will say. Very near Orlando but it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s all in my journal.

I miss getting my hands dirty so much. Just in everything I do. I promise to be better. Thank you all who send me little messages of support. Even though I don’t receive them for the most part, they keep me going. I am back now with my cat who belongs to my neighbors. He’s so funny. I wonder why the world can’t be just like him and purr. Crackers!