Illinois High School Teacher and Mentor Busted for Sex with Student Oh, boy, not the kindly married mother of a million cute babies teacher who mentors all the kids at school. Yep, now she’s been arrested.

Kathryn Patten, 34, was taken down at Dwight High School in Dwight Township, Illinois, charged with having sexual relations with a high school student under her institutional supervision. Meaning, she was a teacher and he was a teen male student and they did the nasty. That’s a criminal no-no. All allegedly, of course.

Patten appears to be the school’s chief mentor to teens (credit: Twitter/KathrynPatten)

Patten taught Consumer Sciences at Dwight, which is the new name for Home Economics. Also, she served as the lead mentor for kids in the leadership program at the school. Based on her social media accounts, she appears to have had her own large brood of little kids back in the nest. Four, maybe five little ones. And what appears to be a husband. Only worth noting for what may now be lost to them.

Patten was charged with criminal sexual assault, a charge related to teachers that carry with it mandatory prison time, no probation-only allowed. It could be a decade, it could be much shorter, but iron bars will be locked.

Patten bonded out on $25,000 after her charging and processing. No idea how awkward the homecoming was when she arrived home. Not so simple to kick out the spouse arrested for sex crimes when you’ve got five little ones at home. Tough stuff.

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