Earlier this month, Hattiesburg, Mississippi teacher, Nicole Jackson, 30, was busted for a sexual relationship with a 16-year old boy, Oscar O’Neal II. We know the boy’s name in this case because 16 is the age of consent in Mississippi. However, due to those laws restricting teachers from having sex with their students of any age, Jackson was arrested and charged with sexual battery and also forced to resign from her role as 8th grade English teacher at theĀ Earl Travillion Attendance Center, which is the actual name of a K-8 school in Mississippi. As you might imagine, the school is heavily focused on attendance, for “high risk non-attendance” children.

It’s unclear whether or not O’Neal II was a recent former student of Nicole Jackson, though that seems likely. It’s also unclear if Jackson is still married, though she was. Jackson got out of jail on a $10,000 bond and, wouldn’t you know, both she and O’Neal II have disappeared in the wind. Or more likely, a “dark blue Chevy Impala with Mississippi License Plate FRA-4454.” O’Neal II apparently snuck out of his mom’s house in the middle of the night Monday evening and hasn’t been seen since. Neither has Jackson. Police are searching. The family would like everyone to know that their son goes by the name “Lil Pooh”. This kid is full of smart choices.

Nicole Jackson 30, mugshot and missing teen, “Lil Pooh”.

It’s interesting to see the next stage of development in this female teacher-student sex phenomenon. They’re evolving past bump and grind and tear confessionals. This is full fledged Romeo and Juliet type fantasy aspirations, even if both of the characters were star-crossed teen lovers in the play, one wasn’t the older teacher. Ah, twisted romance. It’s alive and well in our nation’s schools.