It would be much easier to have empathy for a Minnesota mother who failed to take her dying son to the hospital if it were a matter of poverty. But, it wasn’t. She and her husband just had “issues” with doctors, authorities say. Timothy and Sarah Johnson of Plymouth, Minn. have been charged with one count each of child neglect resulting in substantial bodily harm. If convicted as charged, they could each face one year in prison and/or a fine of $3,000.

The couple had adopted 7-year-old Seth when he was four years old. He was one of their seven children: five boys, and two girls total. He died a miserable death due to untreated pancreatitis on March 30. He had bruises all over his body and blisters on his legs, and it is certain he suffered while his parents did nothing.

Seth Johnson (Image: Family Photo)

His parents had plenty of time to seek medical attention. They said that the child was behaving strangely in the weeks leading up to his death. They said he did not sleep well and took hours to eat. He threw himself down their stairs more than once, they said. They decided, after doing some research, that he likely had PTSD or a brain injury, despite no record of these maladies being listed anywhere in the boy’s files. Google is pretty good, but it’s no substitute for a doctor, especially when you’re dead wrong in your ill-informed diagnosis. They were concerned that if they got the child the medical help he desperately needed, doctors might prescribe their son to medication. So instead, they tried treating his wounds with honey and prayer. Neither worked. (Seth was home-schooled, if you were wondering why school officials did not report his odd behavior.)

The blistering morons left the oddly behaving Seth with an older sibling while they went off to a wedding. When they returned, they found him in even worse shape than went they left. They decided that although he would only eat two small bites of pizza, they’d wait until morning to consider their options. By the time morning arrived, Seth was unresponsive. They called 9-1-1, and Seth was pronounced dead soon after.

Ugh. (Image: Facebook)

The Johnsons were apparently able to raise $7,000 via a crowdfunding site to cover Seth’s funeral expenses, though the site is no longer accessible, so you can’t marvel at the fact that someone gave these idiots money.