Kimberly Ruiz, Female Child Abuser In Idaho

Kimberly Ruiz is a South Idaho woman accused of torturing a 9-year-old child. Ruiz’ relationship to the child was not identified in the Nampa Police affidavit, only that she may have caused various injuries to the little girl over a prolonged period, notes the Idaho State Journal.

Authorities began to suspect abuse after a doctor, childcare worker, and nurse attested the various injuries looked non-accidental. According to the police affidavit, the child had bruises on both sides of her face, bruising on her shoulder, and deep bruising around the ears. There were also marks and scabs in various stages of healing.

The little girl claimed Kimberly Ruiz had “smacked” her in the face, punched her in the nose, and banged her head against walls. She also told the child not to say anything about the abuses for fear of “tearing the family apart,” the affidavit claims.

Ruiz’ case is not uncommon, though it is in the minority among child abuse reports. A 2005 study — reported here by the Independent UK — found that out of approximately 6,800 counseling sessions related to child abuse, 762 involved female attackers (a rate of about 11.26%).

(Featured Image: Eva Holm/Flickr Creative Commons)