Idaho Teacher, Rebecca Mason-Cales, Mounted Her Teen Student No Less than Six Times On Her Way to Arrest

source Don’t count out the lesser populated state of Idaho in the race to see which of the fifty American states have the randiest, law-breaking female teachers in our fair nation. There have been a string lately. While nobody is likely to catch Texas, Idaho is doing its part to remind the country that we have an epidemic of relatively young and relatively attractive grown women teachers having sex in cars with high school boys and sometimes younger. An epidemic nobody particularly seems to care about.

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go History and German teacher, which is still a legitimate thing apparently, Rebecca Mason-Cales, 26, was busted in Meridian, Idaho on charges of a half-dozen episodes of copulation with a sixteen year old student at the Mountain View High School where she worked. The sexual relationship primarily occurred late last Fall, though there’s evidence that Mason-Cales was sending naked photographs of herself to the boy right up until her arrest this past week. Some teachers simply can’t stop teaching.

is prescription accutane safe Somebody tipped off the school district to the illicit relationship leading to the police investigation and eventual arrest on six counts of sexual battery. You always wonder who’s tipping off the schools to these affairs. Presumably jealous students at the school who become aware of the tawdry ongoings because sixteen-year old boys can’t possibly keep their mouths shut about sex with the German teacher. It’s possible it’s other teachers feeling the need to right a wrong, though you wonder how willing a woman understanding she is committing a crime would be sharing the truth of her love life with friends and colleagues. Trust that the boy receiving the after school education isn’t ratting. Most of these criminal cases are settled well in advance of trial leaving little available details on the specific shenanigans and their resolution. Mason-Cales was only in her second year of teaching at the school, meaning she certainly isn’t going to win any awards for holding off as long as she could on the young male flesh department. Imagine the randy English teacher there for seven years is calling her horrible names behind her back. What is going on at our nation’s schools and how did teenaged boy suddenly become a desirable mating category for any woman with a job and healthcare?

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click Mason-Cales is listed as married though her husband’s social media accounts place him as living many hours away from his bride. Presume there is some friction in that marriage, even prior to the half-dozen counts of sexual battery on a child, which has never been known to help marital discord.¬†Auf Wiedersehen, Frau Mason-Cales. We hardly knew you.
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