Here’s the reason to set up a makeshift bed in your high school classroom. It’s way more comfortable when having sex with one of your teen students after school hours. Here’s the reason not to. When security guards walk in and find you and a fifteen year old male student and an inflatable bed and candles and a bag of condoms. That’s going to come back to haunt you, even if not caught in the act.

Wilbur Cross High School teacher Jennifer Frechette, 44, apparently didn’t get the memo from her tons of other horny and inappropriate female teaching peers from across the country to get a car and park it in the woods for your illicit rendezvous. Sex in the classroom itself seems super risky. Or is that part of the thrill? Nope, I’m going with too cheap and bad karma.

Frechette offered an innocent explanation regarding a drama production and trying on costumes when caught with the boy and the bed and the candles and the condoms in her classroom back in January. Since that story seemed entirely incredulous, an investigation was launched wherein the high school boy confessed to a month earlier receiving a sexual act on the couch in the same classroom from Ms. Frechette (she has a couch too?), and a slew of dirty and naughty texts and photos sent from teacher to student. You have to know those are bad ideas the minute you press “send”.

Attorneys for the boy victim are already posturing with oft-heard cliches about the level of violation in a teacher-student affair:

“When mothers and fathers send their kids to school they expect that their kids will be kept safe and not exploited in any way. If the allegations prove true in this case, this is the ultimate exploitation and the ultimate insult and offense to a mom and dad.”

Why does the boy need an attorney again? Oh, yeah. That dollar figure has yet to be announced. Sort of the unmentioned aspect to all these December-May high school romances. The financial settlements which are a blow to most lean-budget school districts.

Frechette was charged with second degree sexual assault. Though she still remains on the teaching payroll because teachers’ unions are much tougher than any criminal justice outlet. The District is working on the paperwork to terminate her. Don’t be shocked to find out it’s not a simple process and many teachers in many districts remain on paid leave after being removed from the school due to sexual crime allegations. That’s for another day.