Substitute teacher and HS cheerleading coach, Morgan Judy, 23, was busted for having sex with a child, aged 16-17, and for being a teacher at the time, having sex with a student. According to police reports, Judy was drunk at a party, texted the student to come meet her, and at some point during the party, engaged in sexual intercourse. Though the police are being coy about whether or not the student in question was a boy or a girl. Don’t be fooled by “intercourse”. Legal terms don’t often match common sense terminology.

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where to buy viagra tablets without rx The case began to unravel when word of the liaison between teacher and student at Linton-Stockton High School in Bloomfield, Indiana got into the gossip-sphere. Investigators interviewed the student who claimed at first that he/she did attend the party after receiving the Twitter invite, but that they and Judy merely kissed at the party. Judy copped to the kissing part, though was insistent she was too loaded to remember even inviting the student to the party.

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Morgan Judy in high school with boyfriend, the All-American girl in simpler times. As these things tend to go, in a followup interview, the student claimed that it went well beyond kissing on the lips, and produced digital messages from Judy instructing the student to destroy any and all communications between the two. Ah, the coverup. This was enough for cops to haul in the cheerleading coach and substitute teacher and charge her with felony child seduction, with those circumstances regarding caretaker and child that makes it sound far creepier than being 23 and inviting a 17-year old to a party when you’re drunk to get it on. Not legal, but not the most perverse thing you’ve heard.

enter Judy has since bonded out of court while awaiting arraignment. From all accounts, Judy was a highly recognized high school athlete and cheerleader in Bloomfield, Indiana herself. Imagine these kinds of charges are even more humiliating for a home town girl, in a hometown where everybody knows your name and family. Albeit, there are plenty of guys out there likely seeing young Ms. Judy in a new light.