comprare viagra generico 25 mg spedizione veloce a Torino It’s not that women can’t coach boys high school sports teams. Certainly Ann Kuroki, 26, a former standout women’s college basketball player at Southern Virginia University, was qualified to handle the JV Boys team of small town Gooding High School in Idaho. It’s that when the time comes she’s arrested for sex with a “boy of sixteen or seventeen years of age“, your decision to put a lady into the midst of a dozen teenaged boys will be called into question. Similarly for a man coaching the teen girls team.

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go It’s not known yet whether or not the boy that Kuroki allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship with was on her team, or merely attended the school. She was quickly fired by the school and the district once the tip came in and an investigation launched, followed by a very quick arrest. Did you do it? What? Oh, yeah, that. I guess I did. Where are my handcuffs? Kuroki may only be bucking the trend of female teachers banging their students by being a female basketball player not a lesbian. That’s the only atypical element of the story. Perhaps that provided her greater ease of access to the boys. We don’t have to worry about the Kuroki, you know, she was captain of her college baller team. Then she moves right in. In a town of 3,500 people, you can’t imagine this level of illicit interaction is going to remain a secret for very long. For those of you unfamiliar with small town living, everybody knows everybody who knows everything. A Japanese-American teacher in rural Idaho can’t get away with mounting too many teen boys before it’s the biggest story in town.

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source url Kuroki will be arraigned this coming week on charges of felony sexual battery. Imagine it didn’t seem like such a crime when it was going down back at her place. Such are the mysteries of life. A female basketball coach in love with a boy from her school. In France, this would be made into a romantic movie.