Assuming everybody at this point knows the consequences, it’s hard not to relate the wave of grown women fornicating passionately with their teen male students to a type of drug addiction. You know the consequences and you simply don’t care. That used to be a sexual trait reserved mostly for creepy and out of control men. But the female teachers across the nation are showing up the male sex fiends something fierce.

The latest arrest comes at an arts high school in Reno, Nevada, where graphic arts teacher, Maren Nicole Oates, 33, was arrested and charged with sex with one of her teen male students. The age of the student has not been revealed, but again in Nevada, as most states now, the sex itself is considered sexual battery when between teacher and student regardless of age of consent.

Oates name and face were immediately stricken from the website of the Academy of Arts, Careers and Technology, as the Washoe County School District enacted a distancing plan becoming commonplace among our nation’s high schools:

‘Washoe County School Police are investigating allegations that a District employee engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student. The employee in question has been placed on administrative leave.The safety and security of our students and staff is our number-one priority. The District cannot discuss personnel issues’. 

While every parent would likely agree that the safety of students is of paramount concern, even more so than education, doubtful most of them envision routine security including the right of their kids not to be humped and blown by the faculty. Time to update your thinking, parents of high school aged kids. These schools are not like they used to be, in many ways.