source Puerto Rican teacher,¬†Yaira Tanies Cotto-Flores, 26, finally learned the punishment for her 2016 crime of grooming a 14-year boy from her English class in a rural Puerto Rican school with gifts and sweet talk. That naturally led to the final big motel sex night. 10 years in the pokey plus 8 years supervision post release. That’s perhaps the heftiest sentencing yet for any of these female teacher sex crime cases.

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levitra effetto 36 ore Cotto-Flores apparently began favoring this boy in her class, letting him cut class as he wished, eventually moving on to buying him a watch and an acne-cream kit. You know how boys will roll over for acne-cream. Also, you do need to know what time it is when you’re teacher is summoning you for nookie. Naturally, this led to one evening in 2016 where Cotto-Flores drove the boy to a $30 a night motel, taught him how to use a condom, and proceeded to test his knowledge of said condom usage in the most practical educational sense.

get link Once again you have to wonder what drove an attractive grown women with racy photos on Facebook who probably didn’t struggle for adult male attention to risk it all for a pimply-faced young teen virgin boy. If you figure out the answer to that question, you’ll be way ahead of the rest of us, because nobody’s yet to provide a solid answer, outside of the word “stupidity”.

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