Hot Yoga Teacher Wins Cash from Cyclist Who Hit Her While Nose Down In Her Phone

Gemma Brushett isn’t a bad person. And that’s not simply because she’s a blonde yoga-instructor who rates very highly in looks on the relative British women’s scale. But the events surrounding her civil court victory over the cyclist who ran into her seem dubious at best.

In a case dating back to 2015 now, the part-time financial office worker, part-time yoga-retreat instructor was traversing a crosswalk during a London rush hour when Robert Hazeldean crashed into her on his bike. In his defense, he had honked his little bike horn to warn Brushett.

Brushett did not deny that she had her face in her phone while stepping across the street in the marked crosswalk with a bunch of other pedestrians. Nor that Hazeldean tooted his horn.

Can hot yoga instructors be bad people?

The facts people in wigs in the British court even determined that Hazeldean had come through the nearest lit intersection on a green, was a responsible bicyclist and did his best to swerve to avoid Brushett. They even concluded that Hazeldean could’ve sued Brushett for the collision had he so chosen (he didn’t). Nevertheless, after four years, they found Hazeldean at fault.

As such, Hazeldean was ordered to pay about six grand in damages to Brushett, whose face was all busted up after the incident. Worse, he was ordered to pay her entire medical bills, which totaled up to $150K and may very well ruin Hazeldean. I’m not sure how that kind of bill comes up in a country with national healthcare, but apparently, it does.

Oh, hello flexibility

England encourages its bike riders to buy liability insurance similar to auto insurance as you are equally liable for accidents on both modes of transformations. Bicycle insurance is popular in London because you don’t want to run into a yoga instructor deep into texting and find you’re out six figures. What a world. Mostly Britain.


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