Raquel Spencer receives jail time for sex with student.

comprar viagra y cialis generico This wave of generally attractive, eligible female teachers having sex with their teen students is now maturing to the point that lady teachers are looking for new angles to keep their arrests fresh and newsworthy. Enter teacher and cheer coach, Raquel Spencer, 28, of Northwest Whitfield High School in Dalton, Georgia. In one fell swoop, Spencer was busted by school administrators for bringing heroin to school and for having sexual relations with a teen student. Double whammy. Impressive.

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go here According to reports, Spencer was acting erratically at the school where she’s subbed in recent years and finally took on a full time position as teacher and assistant cheer coach this past school year. When they say “erratic” assume that means pretty wild stuff. Not like silently pondering life staring out the window. More like speaking in tongues and banging your head against the school flag pole. Spencer consented to a search of her personal belongings by the school resource officer because she was too high to understand what a bad idea that was. The school cop found heroin among her things. How much has not been released, but clearly enough to turn Ms. Spencer into a mind bending afternoon.

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levitra 3 free Whilst reviewing her belongings, presumably her cellphone, for evidence related to the narcotics, authorities discovered texts of a sexual nature between Spencer and an unidentified student at the high school. Not the teasing kind, more like the, wow, you feel amazing inside of me, kind to indicate there was a relationship. That matter was quickly investigated and Spencer is expected to be rung up on those charges not long after her drug possession count is arraigned. She was given a $10,000 bond for the former.


here While specifics of Spencer’s sexual relationship with student have yet to be divulged, there are reports the fling lasted up to a year. That’s gotta hurt. Penally speaking. Assume her savvy defense attorney will swing her drug problem into mitigating circumstances for her reckless sexual relations with the high school student and seek to turn this into a matter of mental health and addiction treatment. It’s what I’d do, so I know it’s pretty cunning. Either way, this seems like the end of the teaching line for Raquel Spencer. Her cheerleaders are rudderless. I’d watch them for signs of trauma.

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