purchase viagra A rather attractive and sexually suggestive 25-year old high school teacher and mom in Katy, Texas stands accused of transmitting masturbation videos and explicit photos to a 15-year old male student at her school.

Ora è possibile here (Sildenafil) in dosi diverse 25,50,100 mg online in modo sicuro in Italia. Paetow High School teacher, Kelsie Koepke, was charged with sending these lewd visuals via Snapchat, naturally, to her young teen student, along with the charges of solicitation and improper relationship with a student. No sex, but masturbation videos would seem to fit the bill.

Kelise Koepke Claims It Was All an Innocent Mistake

viagra canada online As all innocent mistakes begin between teacher and student, this one began with Kelsie Koepke accepting an invite on Snapchat from her student. The conversation was casual for the first several months, as things go, but around Homecoming of last Fall, things escalated into selfie porn sends.

how long does cialis last About that time, Koepke transmitted naked selfies on her account. You know, how teachers do. She claims she didn’t realize the screen name of the boy was this actual high school kid from her school. She thought it was a man she met on a dating site to whom she was sending naked photos. As you do.

Imagine your hot 25-year old teacher is sending your masturbation videos
— oh, the humanity!

http://royalpalmsrealty.com/?x=rx-drugs-viagra Koepke’s screen name was “Momma K”. Subtle. No word on the boy’s online identity but the arresting report suggests that Koepke apologized to the boy for the mistaken nude sends after Homecoming. And then proceeded to send him her masturbation video and further nudes. So, maybe she was confused all over again?

Koepke Arrested and Charged

viagra super active sales canadian pharmacy At some point the boy obviously couldn’t help but share his good Snapchat fortune with other students at school, and one such student, let’s call him Judas, reported the illicit visual shares of the hot teacher to school administrators. Some friend.

see School officials immediately removed Kelsie Koepke from the classroom and school and began to draft letters to cover their butts about any fallout. Welcome to the modern American educational system.

Don’t do the XXX Snapchat vids if you can’t do the time

viagra wonder drug ethical responsibility of stake “The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has accepted charges of improper relationship between a teacher and a student, a second-degree felony, as well as online solicitation of a minor, a third-degree felony, for a Paetow High School paraprofessional.”

– School District CYA red alert

Viagra originale online in italia Local police launched and investigation, finding at least one explicit video on the boy’s cellphone where Koepke’s face was visible. Oops. That’ll get you cuffs.

go to site In a new spin, Koepke claims that she indeed continued to send XXX rated videos to the boy after realizing her mistaken identity, but only to “keep the peace”. Teacher, heal thyself.

Texas Remains the Hot Bed of Teacher Student Sex Cases

As we’ve discussed many times, the State of Texas seems to have a disproportionate number of female teacher and student sex scandals. Whether that’s because the water down there makes the ladies crazy or simply because administrators and cops are more attuned to these illicit affairs and catch them more often, remains to be seen.

Jamie Goforth became the literally teen dream for a boy at her school

Hot blonde Texas teacher, Jamie Goforth, 37, went forth on a teen boy at her school and was arrested not long after.

Texas brunette, Haeli Way, ultimately was punished with probation only for having sex with two boys from her school she worked with on a Christian ministry program.

Tidwell, Texas middle school cheer coach, Katherine Ruth Harper, was arrested for sexing up a 15-year old boy from her school.