Raquel Spencer receives jail time for sex with student.

As things go, Georgia high school teacher, Raquel Spencer, 29, was let off fairly easily by the courts this week considering she was arrested last year for both possession of heroin, and for having sex with one of her high school students.

Spencer was slapped with 90-120 days at a minimal security facility focused on treatment for her sex crimes; her drug crimes were completely exonerated as part of her plea to the sex. Buy your attorney a beer, Ms. Spencer. Also, be glad you’re a female teacher

Raquel Spencer Was Arrested Last April After a Search of Her Purse

You may recall we covered the Raquel Spencer case last April. The Northwest Whitfield High School teacher and cheer coach was acting all kinds of erratic at school. After numerous reports of her whacked out behavior, the assistant principal turned the matter over to the School Resource Officer (school cop), who in turn asked Spencer for permission to search her purse.

The Northwest Whitfield Cheer Squad,
formerly coached by Raquel Spencer

We’ve never understood why anybody would consent to such a search. Either you’ve got nothing to hide, and this is an invasion of your privacy. Or you do have something to hide, and you’re an idiot (or super high). Spencer agreed for whatever reason. Therein, the SRO found heroin in her purse.

Heroin isn’t like weed. Or a booze bottle. Both of which are verboten obviously for school faculty at school. Outside of school, hell yeah. But in school, only American Spirits and only in the lounge. Heroin is one immediate call to the cops.

That’s when things go interesting.

Raquel Spencer Was Up to Multiple Naughty Deeds

As police in Dalton, Georgia investigated the where’s, why’s, and how’s of Spencer brining heroin in her purse to school, and obviously using herself, they delved into her cellphone. (By way of hint, if you are committing any kind of crime, or even merely an anti-social act or even but an embarrassing hobby, it’s somewhere on your phone. Erase it now.)

That’s when authorities noted communications of a sexual nature between Raquel Spencer and a student at school. These messages included evidence of a sexual affair.

Spencer was discovered to be engaging in “intercourse” of multiple natures during the six months leading up to her arrest for the heroin. She was charged with a teacher having sex with a student, though it’s unclear if the boy was also technically underage (16 in Georgia) or merely fell under the “can’t sleep with your high school students” sexual assault statute. Or both.

Spencer Swung a Sweet Deal — Was Sexism Involved?

By copping to the sexual assault charge, prosecutors agreed to drop the heroin possession charge. You can decided for yourself which is the more serious offense. If you’re offended at all.

The gender gap in criminal sentencing; the one gender gap you never hear about

And within the sex crime charges, Spencer seemed to come out with a rather light sentence. Yes, ten years probation with sex offender status for that time, and a ton of community service, but the mandatory drug counseling seemed to get her the chance at a rather short, 3-month, incarceration time.

This will naturally bring up the topic of gender bias in sentencing. We’ve not seen enough cases to statistically make a case for men receiving harsher punishments for the very same sex crimes than women. Let alone drug charges being dropped. But anecdotally it sure seems to be the case.

Teachers, Drugs, and Sex

Raquel Spencer isn’t the first female teacher we’ve followed who doubled down on illicit sex and drugs:

Stephanie Peterson caught more than fish at her middle school in Florida.

Houston high school teacher, Michelle Schiffer, was busted in 2018 for having sex with a 15-year old and sharing her weed with him.

Newlywed hottie Florida teacher, Stephanie Peterson, chose herself a 14-year old student lover, supplied him with ganja, and made like they were the newlyweds.

Emily Rogers engaged in a lesbian sexual affair with her 18-year old student in a San Antonio area high school. Emily co-supplied the sex, while fully supplying the booze and Xanax to go with.