Hot Teacher Haeli Wey Skates Sex Offender Registry Despite High School Boy Trysts Austin, Texas teacher Haeli Wey was arrested in 2015 for not one but two separate inappropriate relationships with seventeen year old boys from the school where she taught mathematics. If you’re thinking Wey looks far too young and attractive and female to be a public high school math teacher, you’re guilty of some pretty fierce stereotyping. Welcome to the club with me and the rest of the world.

cialis generico (tadalafil) 10 mg (aurochem/sunrise remedies) You my recall from the initial arrest reports that Wey become more familiar with her first seventeen year old love interest when his parents invited her along on a missionary trip to Africa. There they saved some souls and Wey and their son began their physical relationship. Rhinos tell no secrets. Also, nobody in Africa cares so much if a twenty-eight year old teacher is getting jiggy with her seventeen year old student. There are likely more pressing matters afoot. Like all these bible-toting Texans trying to convert them.

best place to buy prednisone from online drugstore without prescription Wey’s relationship carried on for several months with the first boy until the math teacher found out she liked the junior league sex so much she started hitting up another male student at the school, also seventeen, via social media. Ah, social media, the common thread to all of these teacher-student illicit relationship courting processes. It was at the point that Wey invited her second potential “boyfriend” on a hike that the first broke up with her. Seems kind of soft, but when you’re snogging your math teacher, you need to have standards.

cialis generico tadalista Eventually a third student at the school who you would presume was not on the Haeli Wey happy fun time after school list got wind of all the shenanigans to which he was not party and told on everybody. That’s the problem with bringing treats to class. Unless you have enough for everybody, don’t bring them.

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levitra generico Toscana Wey was arrested. This past Friday she pled guilty to the underlying sex charges. Though not related to the boys’ ages, since at seventeen they are considered adults by the state of Texas. But under these new laws in especially Southern States that make it illegal for a teacher to have sex with her student even if they are of age of consent.

source While Wey will be sentenced for her offense, and obviously not teach again at any institution running a background check, she will not be forced to register as a sex offender. Which makes sense. Since she’s not a sex offender. She’s a randy math teacher with who makes poor decisions and probably should not be around hunky seventeen year old boys. Someday we’ll hypnotize all these female teachers and get to the bottom of them re-living their high school romances courtesy of their teen students. Going to need a pretty big pocket watch. This particular pastime is catching on quickly.

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