Hot Russian Model Arrested for Tagging in Phuket, Thailand… See Her Photos! When you think of Russian models in Thailand being caught in the act, you rarely expect the explanation to be, caught spray-painting streets. But such is the case of Anastasyia Serebryanskaya, 34, who was caught on cellphone camera in Phuket, Thailand, tagging a street with some kind of message that isn’t quite legible, if you could even pick out the language. Presumably it’s some kind of self-promotion for her online photo sites, or maybe she’s a member of a dangerous Russian swimsuit model gang. Likely the former.

follow Somebody in the video explains to Serebryanskaya that it’s not legal in Thailand to spray-paint public roads. You know, unlike other countries where defacing public property is highly recommended. The video was turned over to the cops in Thailand who took a few hours off from beating the crap out of drug dealers before throwing them in hellhole prisons to be AIDS-raped and went and arrested Serebryanskaya at her residence in the area. It’s unclear if she is a short-term visitor to Thailand or makes routine stops in the sex tourist rich nation. In this case, I’m betting, likely the latter.

click It’s unclear if Serebryanskaya will be spending the next ten years in a janky prison or released after her “manager” pays the cops five hundred American dollars. The thing you learn quickly about Thailand, at least from news stories, horrific biographies and movies, don’t get arrested. You figure being a hot bikini model will forever secure your release and special treatment. But in the Third World, you simply never know. Nice tagging, darling.

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