Hot P.E. Teacher Shawnetta Reece Arrested Again On More Sex With Student Charges

comprare levitra generico 20 mg You may recall last month 40-year old Georgia gym teacher Shawnetta Reece was arrested for a 2013 sexual encounter with a then 15-year old student of hers at Union County Middle School. She was charged with the equivalent of child molestation with additional violations for being a teacher having sex with a student. That’s some serious felony time.

source link While out on bail pending trial, further investigation into Reece’s handiwork uncovered a 2015 sexual relationship with a then 18-year old student. A high school senior though the particular school is not noted. It’s worth considering that in all of these illicit or underaged sexual encounters, it’s highly unlikely the teacher is busted on their very first such attempt. Like any other criminal, they’ve often had multiple offenses before being caught. Often those previous incidents are never discovered. Though when an attractive blond gym teacher makes the world news for having sex with a fifteen year old, it might encourage others to step forward. As did this former high school senior.

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source link Though this second “victim” was of legal age of consent, like many other states Georgia has laws against teachers seducing students until such time as they are graduated from high school. This means more charges headed on the way for Reece. The case has been assigned to the Enotah Judicial Circuit District Attorney.

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how to get prednisone from online pharmacy For the vast majority of adults who are able to keep themselves away from jailbait sex, let alone teens who are under their adult supervision, assume the urge is so strong for these individual offenders that they simply don’t care about the consequences. There’s no way else to explain away an underaged romp in the back of the car for potential years in prison, destruction of your personal and family life, and loss of your long standing career pursuit and vocation. A high price. Think of this more like a drug addiction and it makes sense.

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generic cialis super active online canadian pharmacy Goodbye, hot blond gym teacher. You were perhaps the last straight one and now you’re gone. Candle in the wind. And… sing.

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