Hot Kentucky Teacher Sues to Get Her Sex Crimes Prison Sentence Shortened

another drug like viagra You may recall the 2017 case of quite attractive Kentucky teacher, Lindsey Jarvis, 27, who was charged with having multiple sexual interludes with a sixteen year old student in two different Kentucky counties.

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follow link Each county nailed, as it were, Jarvis, with one count of statutory rape. The sentencing involved two, 30-month prison stints which Jarvis was allowed to serve concurrently. About halfway now through her prison term, Lindsey Jarvis is suing the Department of Corrections insisting she should be out by now thanks to fulfilling a sex crimes rehab program.

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Jarvis Taught Elementary and Middle School, But Went High School in Choice of Sex Partners.

gravel drug ingredients viagra 27 at the time of her arrest, Lindsey Jarvis was a recently married woman, sneaking her teen boy lover over to her home, or in the back of her car in various parks and backroads.

go to site It was in one of these parks in the middle of the night where Jarvis and her young boyfriend were discovered canoodling.
Jarvis’ husband stood by her side through the entire judicial process.

go Jarvis’ phone was confiscated during the resulting investigation. Therein police discovered communications of a romantic and sexual nature between the teacher and teen student that indicated the relationship had gone on for some time and to some extensive sexual extent.

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get brand viagra no prescription from online pharmacy Somewhat surprisingly, while Jarvis was under investigation, she was forced to resign from her middle school position, but a local elementary school hired her to teacher regardless. She was fired from that school upon her arrest the following summer. Go Kentucky.

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At Odds Is Jarvis’ Deal for Shorter Sentence with Rehab Program

click here Jarvis is suing the Kentucky penal system for release, claiming that she was informed if she went through a sex offenders program, she’d be eligible for something close to half-time.
This woman seems rather confident even in her arrest booking photo. However, the State claims that Jarvis enrolled and started in the program prior to her incarceration, which renders the bonus points moot for some technical reason.

go here At the time of her arrest and prosecution, Jarvis’ husband stood by her side. Unclear if he’s still virtually by her side as she rides out her 2-1/2 year prison sentence for sex with a minor. There is a limit to even the most forgiving spouse.

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