follow url The case of horndog teacher Tayler Boncal isn’t among the more typical female teacher and male student lust in the car cases we review here on the regular. Boncal is but 22, and an assistant track coach at Conrad High School in West Hartford High School. She graduated from the very same school but four years ago. Apparently, she fell romantically into a relationship with a high school senior at another school in the district and the two began dating, albeit under the radar, because, you know, it’s hard to explain.

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watch This relationship between Boncal and age of consent boy began only a few months into Boncal’s new professional tenure with the school district before a “concerned parent” notified that School Board of the illicit relationship. Illicit in so much as Connecticut is one of the many states with a law forbidding teacher-student sex, even if the student is of legal age, and even if the teacher works at another school. No teacher-student sex of any kind! Thank God for concerned parents like this nosy-body.

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One fine looking mugshot from assistant track coach Tayler Boncal.

cialis generico uso An investigation ensued, Boncal was promptly fired from her first ever school job as assistant track coach, and summarily arrested on three counts of second-degree sexual assault, which seems rather harsh for consensual sex between legal aged adults, not even particularly far apart in age. Not to mention, the boy in question’s parents have asked the courts not to proceed with the charges as they were well aware of their son dating Boncal and approve of the relationship. Maybe because she’s hot, or just super nice, or both. Dad’s get it. But if mom says it’s kosher too, the criminal justice system ought respect that. Though they don’t.

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Tayler is an active young teacher, very active you might say.

click here The principal of Conrad High School sent out an obligatory note to parents of children in the school letting them know he’s not to blame and their kids’ safety is super important to him. The subtext being perhaps, c’mon, an adult aged kid at another school is shtupping our attractive young track coach, let’s not riot in the streets. If only people could speak so plainly on such plain matters of the heart.