Hot Illinois Girls Basketball Coach Arrested for Sex Acts with Student

source url Before we get carried away with lesbian girls sports coach clams, the gender of the student involved in this story hasn’t been revealed. Though Washington Community High School girls volleyball and Freshman basketball coach, Hayley Reneau, 23, is the latest female teacher arrested in our fair nation on inappropriate sexual relations charges.

The age of the student involved in this case is listed only as between 13 and 17, which clearly puts the kid under the age of 18 required by Illinois law for teaching staff to start boinking their students. The student jailbait laws are pretty clear.

Hayley Reneau only took the position at Washington Community High School in Illinois, her own alma mater, a year ago, prior to the 2018-2019 school year. No word on how the teams she coached fared during the season. Some word on how potentially one of the players fared in their love life. Oh, but there’s that cliche again. The victim here could be a boy.

Reneau is clearly young and blonde and attractive, a former basketball player herself in high school and at Eureka College, seemingly the social and romantic world as her oyster. She decided to let an underaged sex partner soak her pearls. Or something like that. Bad metaphor. Full stop.

Reneau resigned officially from Washington on July 29th, when word that she was being investigated for this matter by police became public. That’s one of those clear writings on the wall it doesn’t take a teacher to read.

Reneau was charged with criminal sexual assault, a rather serious felony with rather serious potential prison sentences. Assume she’ll plead down and you’re still likely looking at some prison time, that dreaded sex offender registry, and never teaching or coaching again in your life, and you’re 23. Rough stuff for some illicit scrumping that we’re likely to learn at some point down the road was less horrible than the penal code descriptions may imagine.

One man’s thought. One man who loves women’s basketball. That’s a lie.

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