Hot Florida Real Estate Agent Is Having a Bad Year You ever have one of those years that starts out with cops coming to the door looking for two teenage runaways and it turns out they find the missing girls inside your house. After you’re done with that series of highly public events, at some point, you’re busted for DUI and assaulting a law enforcement officer, for which a warrant is laid out for your arrest as a no-show. One of those 12-month cycles?

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What wouldn’t you buy from this woman? All Florida real estate agents, by law, must be reasonably attractive women, though buy cialis uk Danielly Verity exceeds expectations even in hot 40-something on bus bench selling homes standards. The 41-year old Orlando area real estate mover and shaker was rung up on charges at the beginning of 2018 for harboring two teen girls in her home who were listed as runaways, for which she never called the police, and when the police arrived to her home called by somebody else, she swore at them and tried to prevent them from getting upstairs where the girls were. Without a solid explanation outside of the girls wanting to use her wifi, Verity was charged with misdemeanor charges related to letting teen runaways hang out in your home and not contacting 5-0. Those charges were later dropped before trial.

accutane side aging effects Unclear where battery on a law enforcement officer came in, but the DUI appears to be a 2017 offense that she never cleared. Which led officers this week to revisit her Boynton Beach home to cuff her on an outstanding warrant. And down goes another one of Palm Beach County’s great real estate merchants. You can tell from the video she goes full pro. Who shall sell these townhomes now?
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