Hot Chemistry Teacher Tiffany Geliga Arrested for Sex with Teen Student

accutane side effects depression If there’s anything that’s stood out in the shocking department after covering so many female teacher and boy student criminal sex cases this past year, it’s the number of attractive science teachers working in today’s public high schools. If you’re over a certain age, you will only remember a scowling older gentleman with a goatee who didn’t like you very much. Tiffany Geliga is rather different in her approach. Both in terms of how she looks as a Chemistry teacher at Port St. Lucie High School in Florida, and certainly in her extra curricular activities.


go to site Geliga, 35, was originally found by a parent of a seventeen year old she was tutoring at the school to also be texting the boy at 2am. Which seemed odd to any parent worth their salt, or paying attention these days to their kid’s cellphones and the like.

source link The boy’s mother went to the principal who himself question the 17-year old who claimed nothing untoward was taking place. Though he not shortly thereafter cracked and copped to two sexual encounters in the previous couple of weeks with his attractive older chemistry teacher, in her car, naturally.

source site The principal informed the cops who had the bright idea to have the student call his teacher slash sexual educator while they listened in. Therein, Geliga talked about the sex she’d had with the boy and the police arrested her shortly thereafter. Two counts of felony sexual assault with a minor. That’s a doozy.

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go Det. Sgt. Joe Norkus of the Port St. Lucie police department issued a statement about the arrest that seemed righteous, though entirely naive as to the teacher-student sex fad sweeping America the past several years: “Anyone who is put into some type of capacity to look over children, there’s a special trust there that all parents have and society has and should place on their teachers. I think that is something that really shocks the conscience here is that this is a teacher.” Yes, true. But, enough with the feeling shocked. That’s for the first few times. We’re on teacher number X,XXX here into the lady cougars going after teen boys. Do something about it or get off the pot. Shock is for old people watching CSI.

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