Hot Chem Teacher Tiffany Geliga Cops a Plea to Multiple Bouts of Sex with 17-Year Old Student

follow url Port St. Lucie, Florida high school teacher, Tiffany Geliga, 35, was busted last May for sex at least twice with a seventeen year old male student she was tutoring at the time after school. Geliga was able to keep her part in the sexual escapades on the down low, but her young boyfriend cracked after his mom found naughty texts from Geliga to her son in the middle of the night. Those chemistry teachers do have their needs.

vardenafil generico Bologna As part of the investigation following mom’s alerting the cops, the boy called Geliga on a recorded line and baited her into talking about their previous doing of the nasty. That sealed her fate as she was promptly arrested on two felony counts of sexual assault based on the boy’s age and her notably older age. Florida laws are sticky. As is loving a boy half your age when you’re not at least 36.

price of imported levitra This past week Geliga saw her judicial writing on the wall and agreed to a fairly open plea deal with Port St. Lucie prosecutors. As a result, she will lose her teaching license, which seems fair, agree never to have sex with hunky teen boy again, and face a judge for sentencing of up to ten years in prison. Though anticipate that number will be on the incredibly low end of that scale, if any real prison time at all. Even staid judges understand the relationship connection between teen male and uncontrollably sex passionate hot science teachers.


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source Time to put this case to rest. Though if you wait for a few hours, another excessively needy female teacher will be jailbaiting herself into an arrest. It’s happening so regularly now, there ought to be a site dedicated to the phenomenon.

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