I know I’m late but I think it’s still the 12 days of christmas so its not yet the new year official. I remember really clearly 2011 and when we turned the year to 2004 also. I don’t know if those were great years or really bad years but I bet somebody from the outside could figure that out. I can’t ask my Mexican who looks into the future for me because she asked me to pay her in advance which got me very angry and then her tooth fell out. I think this will be the best year ever. I just did my death pool with the girls I work with. I put in Theresa who thought she could steal my the guy I was about to let be my boyfriend. I don’t really want her to die, but if she does, I get tons of points because she’s still in fake college plus the baby.

As always my wish is for peace on earth and goodwill. This world needs more love and less fighting. Make love not war. Just kidding. LOL. Do both. Crackers!