Hoarder Lynda Waldman Probably Took Things Too Far With The Corpse In The Kitchen

follow Lynda Waldman just took hoarding to a whole new level. While most of you pack-rats are busy crapping up your house with old Sears Christmas catalogs and that vast CED movie collection — look it up, kids — Waldman was busy storing her sister’s rotting corpse. Waldman’s 67-year-old sis, Hope Wheaton, had been missing for 18 months when a cousin visiting came across her in the kitchen of the $1.2 million home, Elite Daily reports.


http://community2community.info/?search=accutane-side-effects-surgery The Norfolk District Attorney’s Office issued a statement estimating that Wheaton had been dead since September 2015 and bore no signs of trauma. (Probably can’t say the same for the poor cousin’s sanity, though.) Cause of death is still up in the air, and there have been no moves to charge Waldman with a crime, thus increasing the odds that her sister quite possibly just dropped dead when she got a look at the house.

go here Elite Daily claims there is some question as to whether Lynda did not call the police. Given the size of the house and what we know so far, we’re gonna venture a guess that she may not have even known it was there. When you’re used to living in a shit-hole, little things like a dead body probably don’t affect you the way they do 99.99 percent of the population.

http://citiva.com/?search=how-ofter-has-brand-levitra-caused-blindness Regardless of Waldman’s role, if any, in her sister’s death, it’s pretty clear that she needs to get the hoarding stuff under control. After all, her neighbor insisted she’s “a very bright woman, very well-read, very up on the politics of the day, to this day.”

get link Then again, being up on politics doesn’t exactly make you a bastion of sanity. CoughPresidentTrumpCoughCough.

http://e11even.ca/?search=who-sells-levitra-super-active-birkenhead-uk As for the house, it is unclear what will become of it if any legal action should befall Waldman. It’s going on 100 years old (built in 1920), and despite what the town records say, the neighbor insisted the house was in “total disrepair.” Unnoticed-rotting-corpse-in-the-kitchen, is probably all the proof one would need to back up that statement.

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