Hillbilly Hotties Baristas Told to Put on Clothes by the 9th Circuit Court

http://hlmarchitects.com/i-need-viagra You may know the West Coast 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that is forever coming at Trump with blocks to this or that project of his. And you may like that, you may not like that. Hopefully, we can all agree that their decision to uphold a ban on barely clad sexy baristas in Everett, Washington is going too far.

Washington is coffee-country. It’s where Starbucks was born and bred and spread like a caffeinated disease. So it makes perfect sense that it was the birthplace of sexy coffee drive-thrus where presumably male customers could receive their coffee from chicks in G-strings working on tips. Tips as in cash for great service above on beyond the bill. Not working on tips as in… never mind. Remember the children.

Hillbilly Hotties is one such mini-coffee stand that picked up on this mini-craze, because, in the big picture, this kind of novelty doesn’t offer enough to become a real thing. A couple of years back, the City of Everett got the Footloose town council together to deride Hillbilly Hotties and their similar competitors for being a flesh show masquerading as a coffee stand. Which, okay, fair enough. That’s clearly what it is.

Girls just wanna have tips.

But when local governments get down to the business of enforcing “lewdness” laws, they will inevitably come up against Free Speech arguments. For instance, strippers get them for their dance expressions. And in the case of the g-string and pasties clad baristas, the owners filed suit against Everett on grounds that these were “female empowerment” speech for the coffee grinding girls.

The 9th Circuit was called in to decide if the lower court injunction shutting down Hillbilly Hotties and other sexy-coffee-stands was indeed Constitutionally cool. This included a wonderful sidebar discussion about what “half an ass-cleft” meant exactly in terms of public exposure of body parts.

In the end, the 9th Circuit ruled in favor of Everett, pissing off both libertarian-leaning people and just dudes who want to have an erection with their morning cup of joe. It is hard to fathom how strippers get the pass while g-string baristas don’t. But such is the picayune vagaries of the law and those who interpret it from region to region.

Naturally, Hillbilly Hotties and other plaintiffs in the appellate case made brash comments about their baristas, all of whom now seem to be working single moms who also do volunteer work, losing their jobs and having no way to feed their families. Which does suck. Once you make the worth decision to become a mostly naked barista so dudes can stroke one out in the coffee line, you at least expect that work to be there. Now you’ve compromised yourself, and you don’t even get paid.

How could one little shack cause so much angst?

We’ll keep you updated on the case, though it’s unlikely to reach any higher in the courts. Mostly because of the amazing pictures.

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