We typically don’t see such extensive numbers in these female teacher and student sex crime cases. Number of intercourses you might say. Typically it’s one and done, or a couple here and there and then somebody realized they’re committing a felony or perhaps just remembers what Jesus said and they quit it best they can. But in the case of East Los Angeles high school teacher, Gina Murry, 22, it appears she spent much of this past May sexually involved with her 15-year old male victim.

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click Murry taught at the East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy at Esteban E. Torres High School, which sounds complicated, but it’s probably not. At least less complicated than deciding your loins must be intertwined with one of your young teen students, and be damned with the consequences. Those consequences in particular see Murry facing charges of six counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and four counts each of committing a lewd act on a child, oral copulation of a person under 16 and sexual penetration by a foreign object. I know of decades long marriages with less sex than that. And that’s before even trying to explain the charge of penetration by a foreign object upon the young lad. Where and with what might be the appropriate question for us porn aficionados.


donepezil drug action of lasix Naturally, being a union protected teacher, Murry continues to receive a paycheck as she’s under indefinite reassignment, meaning she sits in that lounge at HQ where the accused sex crimes teachers hang awaiting some kind of court conviction or adjudication before they can be finally relieved of their duties. Murry also managed to bond out on a $250,000 bail, which is no small feat. Maybe teachers make more than we think. Either way, she’s facing double digit years in prison if convicted on all charges, though as always, expect the plea deal to be forthcoming for sex offender registry and max fifteen months in prison. Lawsuits to follow.

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